Saitenstreich ou "Escapade de Cordes" est un duo musicale résident à Fribourg en Allemagne. Louise Gillman joue du violon avec joie et agilité tandis que Michael Schwiening entraine avec ses arrangements de guitare rhythmique. Tous deux chantent aussi en duo. Le groupe s'est formé en automne 2012 après une rencontre musicale sur un marché. Depuis, il se promène dans la région du bas Rhin et des rives plus lointaines, sur des marchés médievaux, des festivals, et dans les bars locaux. 

Blog de nos voyages

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The Market has opened!

Our online shop has finally opened!

You can now order T-shirts and CDs via our shop "the marketplace."


Payment methods and product availability will be updated in the coming weeks.


Saitenstreich has joined the label "Prosodia"

We are delighted to announce that we have joined a record label! To those that are familiar with our song GEMA woanders hin, please do not judge us too harshly, we have indeed succumbed to the copyright company, but we still stand for the values of sharing music wherever we go!

We are excited to see what will happen in the next few years, and are already working on new songs for our next CD, for which we plan to take our time! ;)


Sofa Concerts

Saitenstreich has joined the website, which allows people to invite musicians to give small concerts in their homes, in the living room, kitchen, on the sofa, in the bathroom, wherever there is a good acoustic and room for a small audience. We gave our first sofa concert at the house of the wonderful blues musician Matt Woosey and are since featured in a short documentary about sofa concerts!!  (see below)



Passend zu Halloween wollten wir diesen dunklen Abschnitt der Bandgeschichte mit euch teilen, als Louise weit, weit weg in Nordschweden war ...

We thought Halloween a fitting time to share this dark chapter of our band history with the world ... a long year ago when Louise was far away in North Sweden.